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Indoor Navigation System using Augmented Reality (INSAR) is an Android app designed and developed to help people who are unfamiliar with B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS) on the RIT campus to navigate easily to different rooms in the building. INSAR relies on Wi-Fi fingerprinting as an indoor positioning technique to locate the user. The app uses augmented reality technology to show the user a real view of their way during the navigation tour. INSAR provides a friendly and easy to use interface by superimposing the navigation information over the real scene that is captured by the camera of the device. INSAR displays navigation information as text and graphic during the navigation process and vibrates whenever the user reaches their destination. It uses the built-in compass sensor of an Android smartphone to show the direction toward the destination. The app is developed in Java and it works on Android smartphones and tablets.
Used Technologies
  • Android SDK, ADT plugin, and Eclipse
  • Augmented Reality- superimposing information on a real scene that is captured by the camera of the Android Phone.
  • Networking APIs and WifiManager class to read and manage the wifi signals in the environment.
  • SQLite database to store and manage the radio map (the wifi fingerprinting.)
  • XML files to handle data before inserting them into the SQLite database.
  • The camera and the compass of the Android smartphone.
  • PHP, MySQL, and CSV to implement data conversions and calculations.
  • Android JUnit test for testing. Log files and stack traces for debugging.